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GAMBARU 24 Hour Fitness

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'Be the best you can be.'

Transform yourself and lose weight to feel and look better. Where you decide to embrace a fitness regime is an important decision and at GAMBARU we don't take that lightly. At GAMBARU our motto is to 'NEVER GIVE IN AND DO YOUR BEST NO MATTER WHAT YOUR ABILITY' and that is translated through the care we take with our members.

Gambaru Fitness is now open 24 hours

After months of planning our members can now enjoy having the keys to the door of Gambaru Fitness in Harrogate town centre, an independant gym that delivers a quality service 24/7. Click Here for details of how it all works.

Circuit Express is open

Following the closure of Ladies Workout Express, we are delighted to welcome Marion Johnson who is heading up the new Circuit Express section at Gambaru. This is a great opportunity to welcome new members to Gambaru and for us to offer a service to meet the needs of those looking for 30 minute circuit programme. These membership are competitively priced and there is also a special opening offer to former members of Ladies Workout Express. All the information is available on our on our Circuit Express Frequently asked Questions. For any additional questions please call reception.

About Gambaru Fitness

Gambaru Fitness is Harrogate's centre for Body Type fat loss transformations. We offer training and nutrition approaches tailored to your body type that will completely transform your body.

Owner Jonathan Walker, recently featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine, offers specialization in body transformations based on over 20 years of muscle development experience and power lifting knowledge. Jonathan's progressive muscular development programs paired with his inspiring motivation, make him a perfect match for anyone wanting to go to that next level with their fitness levels and appearance. Read more about Jonathan on the About The Owner Page...

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Francesca Pardini, also recently featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine, is the UK's only Body Type Fat Loss Transformation Specialist. Francesca recognizes that each Body Type has it's own optimal way of training and eating to achieve maximal results. Whether your goal is fat loss, the development of a lean and toned physique, or increasing size and muscle mass, Francesca can help. For more information, please visit her website

Whatever your needs, we will deliver results....Gambaru, Never Give in.

Body Type Fat Loss Transformations

Exclusive to Gambaru Fitness and to the UK, we offer Complete Weight Loss, Balancing and Physique Solutions.
The one size fits all approach to weight loss fails people because it doesn't take into account your unique metabolic response to food...The Body Type Fat Loss Transformation System will help you understand that weight loss and fitness isn't entirely about what you eat or don’t eat– it’s about your distinctive Body Type and the way it metabolizes food. Your Body Type Training approach is also essential in achieving your ideal physique. Get Body Typed and finally take control of how you look and feel.

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At GAMBARU, we have a fantastic range of classes. We offer ZUMBA, KETTLERCISE, SPINNING, MMA FITNESS, CAPOERIA, & BOXING. All fitness levels are welcome in any class and you don't have to be a member to participate. Take a step towards fitness with one of our great classes...

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At Gambaru, we offer a vast range of supplementation to complement your fitness goals. We carry a great selection of protein powders as well as performance enhancers such as Creatine and Glutamine. At the very least everyone who engages in some sort of fitness regimen needs to be supplementing their diet with a good quality whey protein to aid with muscle recovery.

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Gym 'Free Weights' Room

Build and tone your muscles using natural movements in our gym's large separate Free Weight Area. The advantage of free weights is that they allow movement in any direction and so lend themselves to an enormous variety of exercise & fitness routines.

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